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Connecting a company of over 23,500 tech-heavy users

The integrated Grape chat connects the NOVOMATIC's existing software landscape with an agile and intuitive messenger. Due to NOVOMATIC's high security conditions Grape is the perfect partner.
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NOVOMATIC is one of the world's leading manufacturing companies, with more than 23,500 employees worldwide. Generating sales of several billion dollars, NOVOMATIC is a major player in the international economy. Due to the heterogeneous IT infrastructure, the mega-company was looking for an exceptional IT partner. 

When you go smart and save, you go Grape

For the manufacturing company, the choice was obvious: The Grape Messenger. Providing bespoke support is a clear strength of the enterprise messenger. Furthermore, it is known for its perfect integration into a company's existing software landscape. 

NOVOMATIC's challenges and requirements were pretty clear:

The integration of all Atlassian-related products were a high priority. Thanks to our long time focus on Atlassian and our partnership with Now Consultians, we were able to offer this service. We created a chat, that lives inside the existing project management tools and knowledge bases of our customers.

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Our Voice Service, the Grape Call, was the feature of choice for high performant voice and video communication. As we were in the development phase, we were able to test and work closely with NOVOMATIC to ensure, that their need for high available business communication is met.

Great Support 

NOVOMATIC praises the direct contact with our product teams, who are not afraid to involve the customer or present regularly at their HQ before a big release. Large customers deserve to participate in the research of their problems until we find a perfect solution.

Communication that lives inside your existing software 

For a global player like NOVOMATIC, which already has a sophisticated software infrastructure, flexibility and integration are crucial. NOVOMATIC did not want to add any more software to the existing quantity and found a different solution in Grape. 

The solution is perfectly integrated and reaches people where they already are, in the software tools they use every day. This approach allows to create bridges between the Software-landscape and makes internal communication as fast as possible.

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Grape is powering NOVOMATIC and its "Group of Companies" with a secure on-premises communication infrastructure. Providing what they need today, so they can get where they want to be tomorrow.

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