Personalizing your profile is a good start. As your co-workers will recognize you much easier if you have a profile picture and your name viewable on your profile.

Alternative contact details (e.g. mobile number) are also always a good idea.

  Important for AD Users:

If your company uses ActiveDirectory or a different type of employee management tool, it could be that most of your information has already been synchronized automatically but creating an avatar is always a good idea.

  1. Open Your Profile
    Press the (1) settings button next to your company name and choose (2) “User Settings”.


  2. Edit Basic Information
    Enter your basic information (if it isn’t there yet) into the profile (1). Choose an Avatar through the “select file” button (2) and confirm your updates with the green “Update Profile” button.


  3. View Profile Information
    Open the sidebar on the right-hand side in a user conversation* to view profile information.
    As long as the information is available you can now click on the email address, telephone number, skype name (2) and reach out directly through the chat. *a conversation with a co-worker

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