The Basics: Stylize Your Message 

    1. The Input Field

      At the bottom of each conversation you can find the input field. As soon as you start to write, it will fill with the typed text (1).

      You send the message pressing the enter key.

      You can attach files, emojis (2) and external data to the input field. We will look closer into this matter on the next pages.


      Tip 1:

      If you want to include line breaks in your message, hold down the Shift key while pressing enter. 

       Tip 2:

      Did you make a mistake in your sent message? Quickly press the arrow up key and edit your content.

    2. Markdown

      Grape allows visual adjustments of messages by simple strings.

      For example, messages or parts of a message will be italic if you set them between two *stars*.

      Double stars will make the word or sentence **bold**.

      Other great abilities of the markdown are displayed by clicking on the info text above the input field.


      Adding Emojis

      Option 1: The Emoji-Picker

      1. Opening the Emoji-Picker

        Open the emoji picker in the input field (1) by clicking on the emoji (2).


      2. How to use the Emoji-Picker

        In the upper input field (1) of the emoji-picker you can search for the emoji of your choice.

        The image bar below will allow you to jump to different emoji categories (2).

        You can - as in most parts of Grape – navigate through the emoji selection with the arrow keys. To choose your wanted emoji you can press the enter key or simply use your own computer mouse (3).


      Option 2: Emoji-Quick-Selection

      1. Opening the Quick Selection

        Press the ”:” (colon) – key on your keyboard and choose the emoji you want with the arrow keys and then press enter.

        If you know the description of the emoji you can also start to type it and choose it by pressing enter.

      2. Display

        On the desktop-version the emojis will be shown in text form. This way you get to know the emoji description for the quick selection.

        By clicking the enter key, the message will be sent and the emoji will show.

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