Manage Notifications

Manage General Notifications

  1. Open Notificationmanager

    Click on the settings icon on the organization bar and choose „ Manage availability “ (1).


  2. General Settings

    Here, you can activate / deactivate device-specific types of notifications.

    These settings can still be overridden by the conversation settings.


  3. Delay Settings

    Here you can set the delay time after which Grape should forward the notifications to the next device or medium.

    We start with the desktop device, then switch to the mobile phones and finally to the classic e-mail path.


    Manage Notifications in Conversations

  4. Open Conversation-Notification-Settings

    In a conversation click on the info-icon (1) and then on the small bell next to the conversation name (2).


  5. Edit Notifications

    Here you can override the general notification settings.

    Turn off notification from a specific group (1) if you do not want to receive any more messages from it.

    Override settings for your mobile or desktop devices (2)


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