It's very simple to create a new conversation with Grape. Each department and each project should have at last one Grape conversation.

The systems automatically rank the newest information to the top, so you do not have to worry that participating in 100 conversations will destroy your overview. Grape manages this for you.

  1. View a New Conversation

    Press (1) „New Conversation“ on the navigation bar to see the new dialog.


  2. Create a New Conversation

    Choose the co-worker with whom you want to start the conversation (1) with.
    You can adjust the icon and the color to the conversation (2).

    Give the conversation a name (3). If you leave the name of the conversation blank, the name will consist of the three names of the first participants in this chat.

    Decide whether you want the conversation to be private or public (4). Public conversations are easier for all co-workers, private conversations can only be seen by the participants of the chat.


  3. Edit Settings

    After you have created a conversation you can open the sidebar (1) to adjust and edit further settings.

    You can edit the picture or the name of the chat by clicking on them.
    One click on the settings button (2) allows you to adjust further settings.

    If you click on the desription you can adjust this also.
    Further settings you can find under description.

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