Follow these steps to integrate Share Point:


3) In the action pane on the right click "Create Self-Signed Certificate…"

4) Specify a name for your new Self-Signed Certificate (for example grape)

5) Double-click your newly created Self-Signed Certificate, go to the details tab and click "Copy to File…" and follow the Wizard steps as in the screenshots below.

6) Go Back to your Certificate and right click your newly created Certificate and do an Export (Please note the Password for your grape Administrator)

What advantages I have through a Sharepoint integration:

- This allows users to use the Grape Search to link to items from Sharepoint Site Collections.

- Keep your Data secure as Grape uses the REST API and a High trust Sharepoint App.

- Optimize your workflows by providing a faster access to data.

Your service integrations post messages into one of your chat rooms, allowing you to monitor and discuss changes inside your messenger. E.g. "SharePoint: New SiteCollection created".



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