Data related to organizations or users can be easily exported. An export button can be found on the page with the user profile:




By clicking the button, the user will be redirected to the download center. On this page, as shown in the figure below, user can choose what kind of data he or she wants to export.

Note that exporting data from an organization is a feature restricted to the organization administrator.



In the downloads center, the user will be able to view all the data that was exported as well as the status of the current export: in progress, failed or ready for download.

User can also choose to delete the exported files. To do this, just click on the trash icon.

If the export process completes successfully, the user will see the new file in the file list. When you click “Download”, it will begin downloading a zip file containing the exported data. The user will also receive an email, if they have verified email, containing a link to the direct download of this file.

The contents of the zip file depend on the type of data exported.

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