Minor Bugfixes

- On the Member Page in German, it says "Mitarbeiter entfernen" instead of "Mitglied"

- I can give the Ownership to another User, losing it, without an option of taking it back, without any warning (I thought I can make more than one user "owner")

- At paying, at clicking the submit button, there is very little visual feedback that I am just paying

- At paying, the input fields stay red after editing the credit card until submission

- At creating an organization, it still tells me that I have no Organisation after I get the success message "Organization created". I had to reload the page to see my organisation.

- I cannot recall setting a primary password - may have done it, but not in a way that enpass was triggered. Maybe you want to look into it.

-  The Franz integration has a gray background, which does not look good with the white box "You may use markdown" (loosely translated from german)

Otherwise, it really looks promising. Keep the integrations going!




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    Dear Mr. Jiménez,

    thanks for your feedback.

    At your first attempt to sign in to Grape a password setting is not requested. This „because of design“ reasons.

    About the "ownership role change" there is a warning message visible.
    Ownership is related to the creation of an organization and this role can be changed, as you can define „user roles“ under „account settings“. Our settings allow one only „owner“ as a validation of data privacy and security.

    Here you can find out more:


    Regarding the „paying section“ we are working on it to improve the website reaction.

    We record your comments on the Frank integration layout and on possible function upgrades.

    Thanks for your confidence in Grape!

    Best regards,

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